College Fitness Center : A Safe Environment Essay

College Fitness Center : A Safe Environment Essay

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Organization Background

Ithaca College fitness center: a safe environment where students and faculty are given the opportunity to participate in group exercises. However, if one prefers to work out alone, they are provided with a wide range of fitness equipment that caters to their needs and desires. Services offered besides the basic exercise area consists of an aerobics room for group exercises such as yoga and zumba, a rock climbing wall, a mondo and wood floor gym (Ithaca College Fitness Center, n.d.).
IC’s fitness center hopes to achieve “... excellence by modeling integrity and professionalism that leads to a comprehensive educational experience, community pride, and personal well-being” (Reilley, 2016). They are taught to believe in 5 core values, PRIDE: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence.
There has also been a ‘significant upgrade’ and “facelift” that the fitness center recently undergone over the summer of 2016; with repairs to a ceiling that had been reported to be leaking, a new laminated floor and new layers of paints to the previously dull walls (Arnold, 2016). With the improvements made to the fitness center and its free access to both faculty and students, it can be concluded that IC’s fitness center reputation is relatively highly with the public and their target audience.

Target Audience

College students between the age of 18 to 24 do not necessarily have the same budgets as other adults. Therefore, a fitness center that provides an inexpensive and convenient place to exercise is perfect for students who live on campus. As stress levels rise and students begin to binge eat, because that is the only way to stay warm in Ithaca, without having to ...

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...for a yearly membership in order to use the facility (Cornell Recreational Services Fitness Centers, n.d.).
With all that the fitness center offers, many of their perks are overlooked. For example, camping and outdoor equipment are available to be rented by any IC student; however, not many are aware of thus. Therefore, to improve their existing service, the fitness center should inform their current and potential audience of the services and amenities they provide through various social media platforms, such as their facebook page.
Another way the fitness center could improve is the variety of classes offered. The fitness
center’s competitors offer the workout classes Ithaca College provides, as well as other ones. Hence, to minimize the possibility of the fitness center’s audience using other facilities, IC needs to add a wider range of classes.

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