College Drop Outs Steve Jobs Essay

College Drop Outs Steve Jobs Essay

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College drop-outs Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak and friend Ronald Wayne established a company named Apple Computer in 1976. Steve Jobs owned 45%, Stephen Wozniak owned 45%, and Ronald Wayne owned the rest of the 10% of the company. After a while Wayne sold his share back to Jobs and Wozniak for $800. They showed their inventions at conventions and had an advertisement during the 1984 Super Bowl.

According to​, Apple is

currently making their money by selling iPhones, they are the largest selling item in the company bringing in $101,991,000,000. The second largest is the iPad bringing in

$30,283,000,000. Then the Macbook, then iTunes purchases, accessories, then lastly the iPod. Apple did not come up with their own ideas they simply stole others ideas and made them better. They have come up with a couple of their own ideas but pirated most of them. They did in fact steal the innovation that put them on the map.

Apple comes out with a new phone every year usually in October. The products always have a unique feature to them, whether it has a fingerprint scan to unlock the phone or they made it bigger and skinnier. The newest iPhone is the iPhone 6s, they made a couple upgrades from the 6 or 6+. For example one of the colors of the 6s you can get is Rose Gold rather than just getting the black, gole, or silver.

They have shaped today’s technology because a lot of the population have iPhones.

Their future is very bright, I think everybody will end up with Apple products. I think they will

come up with some pretty spectacular ideas. With Apple I think we are headed to s...

... middle of paper ...

...,000,000. They still even rent out DVDs, you have to pay a little extra but it’s not really that much if you think about it. Netflix came up with the idea to use the internet to rent movies on DVD.They also came up with the idea to stream movies online with a monthly subscription. Netflix did not steal the idea to put their company on the map.

Netflix is very very popular, especially among the teenagers. They have made names for watching Netflix with other people, “Netflix and Chill” and the amount of subscribers is just going up. In my opinion Netflix will be more popular than regular television, so many people have it right now and you don’t have to wait till the next week to watch the next episode, you just hit next episode. There’s a lot of movie on there too that you can watch. There are a lot of different genres like horror, comedy, action, romance, drama, etc.

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