College Counseling Is Helping Students With College And This Counseling Essay

College Counseling Is Helping Students With College And This Counseling Essay

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College Counseling

If college counseling is to help students with college and this counseling would be better to

help students become college ready wouldn 't you agree that most counseling staff give little or no help to

these students on need? Since the time of racism there have been little help and little encouragement of

students going to college, and even now you will find a few schools that s that still have bad counseling

where students had little to no help into getting in college. Indeed I had experienced this in my old high

school, incompetent counselors saying that they have sent transcripts but never bothered to send them,

the principal himself trying to shatter the dreams of going to a university and telling you to apply for

community or city colleges, even the teachers at my school said to focus on high school and not worry

about college. This was the part when I said “if it is to be then it 's up to me” them and I did mostly

everything on my own with the help of my grandmother it was a miracle that I got accepted into three

universities, two being out of state. However, if I had the right counseling and the right people guiding

me how many more universities would have accepted me? What would had happened if I would have ad

just a little more help offered.

A while back when racism and segregation was the norm in society, colored students only had the

option of graduating from high school and working in blue collared jobs, most options was limited so

there was little to no encouragement of minorities going to school. In Educating The Excluded by

Margret Hart an argument was stated by Carmen Ramirez a oppressed ...

... middle of paper ... kind of skill sets

they have until it 's too late. Another way I had seen this was a student at my high-school by the name of

Macro, he was pretty good in math and got accepted into Cal State LA and Cal State Dominguez hills, but

in the end guess where he went. He decided to go to El Camino! When I asked him why he wanted to go

to a community college instead of going to a Cal State he said that it was because of money issues and he

thought a university was out of his reach so he decided that El Camino was best because that was what the

principal and the counselor recommended, letting down yet another student. College counseling is

supposed to support students to become a better, not push them down to become low class citizens to

society. This is the overall point if college counseling is for counselors to have their back.

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