Collection of Information for Systems Analysis Essay

Collection of Information for Systems Analysis Essay

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A critical part for systems analysis is the collection of information. From the very beginning, analyst need to understand the information systems that are currently in use. Besides, analyst has to find out expectations of users about how they prefer to improve the current systems and organizational operations with the new or replacement information systems. Last but not least, analyst will need to discover how users feel about the new or replacement information systems. There are many techniques for collecting these information. Face-to-face interviewing and self-administered questionnaires are two main techniques among them. This report is about a comparison of face-to-face interviewing and self-administered questionnaires. Recommendation will be given for using which technique to collect information about how the staff feel about the Guernsey Ranch Information System.
Valacich, George and Hoffer (2006, p.123) state that one of the best ways to get this information is to talk with the people in different part of the organization who are directly or indirectly affected by the possible system changes. In fact, interviewing is seen as one of the main ways for analysts to gather information about an information systems. In the outlet, a large amount of time is spend for interviewing people about their work and the information they use to do it. A Analyst also need to spend time to understand the types of information processing that might supplement their work. Another way is to do self-administered questionnaires relevant to the new or replacement systems and business processes. Shelly, Cashman and Rosenblatt (2008, p.116) indicate that a questionnaire can be a valuable tool when it is desirable to obtain input from a large number...

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...line contact system. However, you would be better to choose an interview if you want an in-depth analysis of a manager’s decision-making process. Kendall and Kendall (2006, p.110) contend some guidelines to help you decide whether use of questionnaires is appropriate. Questionnaire will be useful if:”
1. The people you need to question location in different branches of the same corporation. In other words, people are widely dispersed.
2. There exist a large number of people in the systems project, whilst there is a need to know what proportion of a given group approves or disapproves of a particular feature of the proposed system.
3. While doing an exploratory study and you want to gauge overall opinion before the systems project is given any specific direction.
4. There is a request that any problems with the current system should be identified and addressed.”

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