Cognitive Problems of Immigrant Students Essay

Cognitive Problems of Immigrant Students Essay

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What academic struggles will be happened on immigrant students? What kind of
thoughts will be brought up to them? In The Happiness Hypothesis, Johnathan Haidt
talks about negatively bias in “Changing Your Mind”. This chapter is the best to describe the
situation of the immigrant students. According to Kim and Diaz in "Immigrant Students And
Community Colleges”, they state that “immigrant students who attend community colleges
tend to have lower socioeconomic status and limited English knowledge compared to those
who enter four-year institutions.” (93) Many immigrant students have to do part time and
face demanding work at school. The most important is they only have limited knowledge in
English. My friend, as an immigrant student, she always found difficulty in her academic field
in the first two years of school in United States. She worked very hard and checked every
word that she didn’t familiar in, but she was still not getting a B or higher. Her sadness and
hopelessness covered all her pleasure and she thought that she would never get a better
grade next time.
The cognitive problem which immigrant students have is academic struggle. This can be
explained in Haidt’s book in the chapter two of “Changing Your Mind”. The chapter states
that human are easily to change thoughts as human mind is flexible. Human mind tends to
react to bad things strongly and sensitively. Different perspectives affect how we see an
event. At the same time, thought and emotion are related and affected to each other to
influence our judgment. In the book, Haidt uses “elephant” and “rider” to represent human
mind and human respectively. He uses these two metaphors to explain cognitive mind
throughout all chapters. Lack of English kno...

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