Analysis Of 'Helicopter Parents: Stop Hovering !'

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In “Helicopter Parents – Stop Hovering!” Diether H. Haenicke makes a proposition that parents who hover for their children are not helping them; on the other hand, they are more likely affecting them negatively. Haenicke points out that some parents would attend classes in the university and take notes for their son or daughter if they were sick. He also states that parents would even go with their kids to a job interview. According to Haenicke, most companies will never hire a person who goes for a job interview with his or her parents. According to Haenicke, some students have low self-esteem because they rely less and less on their own abilities as they have learned to be dependent on their parents. The extreme dependence denies them the opportunity to learn by experience, which is the best teacher. All of these factors play a major role in the development of some mental problems by these students. It is therefore the highest time that college students should be left to lead their own lives and experience life in totality.
Children are unable to make decisions pertaining their future because their parents are hovering a lot and interfering in their lives. Such interference is what has led to the emergence of “Helicopter Parents” in our society. These parents go to their children schools and argue with teachers and coaches about their education or the difficulties their children face. In the article “The Hazards of Helicopter Parenting”, M. Sue Bergin explains how Andra Warner as a parent started hover after she got her second child. She started this in a slow fashion by doing what she thought was necessary for her daughter but realized sooner than later that she was doing things she had never done for her son. Andra Warner f...

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... are losing the opportunity to acquire more knowledge from their teachers who are more educated than their parents.
In conclusion, parents who hover over their children and do not give them space to breathe and lead more independent lives harm their kids while thinking that they are helping them. These parents might, in the real sense, be creating new long lasting problems for their kids, which could potentially be transferred to their grandchildren. Children need to learn to interact and engage in college and beyond while parents should stop hovering and give their children some space to experience life. In fact, it is said that love and independence are what every child needs to succeed in life, too much or too little of either and no child prospers. Therefore, parents should stop hovering in their children affairs and allow them to learn through experience.
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