Coffee Health Benefits Or Risks Essay

Coffee Health Benefits Or Risks Essay

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Coffee Health Benefits or Risks:
Cardiology and Anthropology Perspectives
I. Introduction
Many people consume coffee at any time of the day all around the world. They come in many different forms, that could either be a benefit or a risk to a person’s health. How is it that coffee could hinder how people live? “Effects of caffeine and coffee consumption on cardiovascular disease and risk factors” by Anna Victoria Mattioli, takes on a perspective of cardiology. Mattioli speaks about how coffee can speed up the effects of heart disease. On the other hand, “To sip or not to sip: the potential health risks and benefits of coffee drinking” by Sarah R. Taylor and Barbara Demmig-Adams; take an anthropology and evolutionary biology & ecology approach. Both articles explain how coffee has different effects on people, the authors demonstrate this by the structure, language, and resource styles that they use.
II. Structure
Although the articles written by Mattioli, Taylor and Demmig-Adams talks about the effects of coffee on the body. They have a different approach to how the information is put into the article. Both articles both begin with the main idea that coffee is the most popular beverages consumed by people in many countries. Mattioli begins with statistics in her article that tells the amount of caffeine that is consumed daily. For example, while in the article by Taylor and Demmig, they begin with studies by different scientist. Mattioli restates “Yeragani observed a higher heart rate, high frequency power and approximate entropy caffeine intake of 5mg/kg body weight (p. 270).” Both articles begin with a purpose about how the research was conducted and what coffee does to the body.
Although the articles begin differently and st...

... middle of paper ...

...their citations differently they both use the format of MLA to cite their sources.
V. Conclusion
Mattioli and Taylor & Demmig both have many similar qualities when writing their articles on the effects of caffeine on the body. However, the way their articles are structured, worded and cited are also different. The language in one article is more complex than the other article making it a little harder to understand the main idea. On the hand the citation styles were very much alike. The structure of the articles was also similar but differed by the way the research was integrated throughout the articles. In spite of the articles having differences, they both have the main idea that coffee can have risks and benefits in the body. Although both articles talked about the same topic, they had similarities and differences in structure, language, and citation styles.

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