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Clorox Portfolio Analysis Essay

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Clorox Company (Clorox) is a company with publicly-traded shares and it has operations in four different sectors; Household, Cleaning, International and Lifestyle. Clorox’s main products include Healthlink, Clorox Healthcare, Green Works and Pine-Sol products among others. In this research paper, a strategic assessment and organizational analysis of Clorox Company is carried out. The organizational analysis covers financial position, industry and competitors, organization situation and strategic recommendations from a managerial perspective.
Clorox Financial Condition
The current ratio of Clorox is 1.27 meaning that it has more current assets as compared to the current liabilities which is good for business as it shows that the company has enough working capital. The company’s total debt to equity ratio is 1,610.26 and this shows that the company is highly geared as it uses less of the shareholders’ capital as compared to borrowed capital; this is good for investors as they expect higher returns due to the high gearing (Yahoo Finance, 2014). The financial philosophy adopted by Clorox is to ensure that its financial position grows with its corporate responsibility commitment (Herrera, 2011). To this effect the company started producing one report incorporating environmental, social, governance performance and financial issues.
According to statements of accounts obtained from Yahoo Finance, the financial condition of Clorox company is as shown in the tables below. The financial statements have financial measures calculated in accordance with GAAP and other supplementary information.

Clorox is working on an expansion plan to Canada Latin America but it faces a major challenge since most of its sales volume is from No...

... middle of paper ...

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