Essay on Cloning and Human Cloning

Essay on Cloning and Human Cloning

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Would you like to clone an exact replica of someone you admire or love? According to the author Alice Park in the article “Scientists Report First Success in Cloning Human Stem Cells,” scientists are successful in making embryonic stem cell lines from human skin cells. Alice goes on to say that human stem cells can develop into muscle, nerves, or other cells that make up the body’s tissues. The definition of cloning is the creation of a living organism that has exact copy of genetic materials from the other (Learn Genetics). Scientists around the world have been doing research on how human stem cells can be made. According to Dr. Shoukhrat Mitalipov, who is a professor at Oregon Health Science University, stem cells help patients who are unable to find a match for organs or bone marrow. Therefore, these organs with the exact genetics materials will yield a higher percentage of matching organs for patients who are in need of organ transplants. But these techniques require doctors to assist in the process that happens in nature, which is the merging of a sperm cell from a man's body with an egg from a woman's body. That level of scientific involvement in the creation of human life makes many people uncomfortable. Contrary, cloning human babies might have the possibility to give infertile couples a chance to create a cloned baby. Likewise, cloning should be considered part of the health care system because this will give transplant patients a higher chance of survival and creates cloning babies for infertile couples.
Cloning is the creation of living organisms that turn out to have the exact DNA as the original. According to the article “What are the Risks of Cloning?” the definition of cloning means that every single bit of DNA is...

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