Clinical Report on Lewin's Field Change Theory Essay

Clinical Report on Lewin's Field Change Theory Essay

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While some people are receptive to change, others may not be so forth coming. The concept of change in itself can be terrifying because people get used to doing things a particular way, therefore, any deviation from the norm poses difficulty. Within the context of this paper, I will examine two components related to my learning goal and my clinical placement at St. Michael’s hospital. First, the knowledge component will entail a critical review of five evidenced-based scholarly journals related to change and the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), incorporating the strengths and limitations of each study. Then, I will discuss the chosen framework and its use to guide my nursing practice and achieve my learning goal. Next, I will discuss the application component by providing a rationale for selecting the chosen framework and its application process. This will be followed by a discussion of how my newly acquired knowledge was integrated in practice, the challenges encountered, strategies used to address them, and a self-reflection of my personal growth and development as it relates to my broadening scope and changing perspective of nursing practice. I will also discuss achieved self-awareness of my new strengths and areas for personal growth and development ending with a summary of the main points discussed in this paper.
Knowledge Component
Review of evidenced-based journal publications
Change is an all familiar concept within healthcare organizations that is often used to introduce new phenomenon such as the EMR which research has shown to reduce medical errors, increase patient safety and enhance nursing performance. Burnes and Cooke (2012) stated that Kurt Lewin was one of the leading psychologists who were best known for the...

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Zeigler, S.M. (2005). Theory-driven nursing practice. (2nd Ed.). New York. NY: Springer.

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