The Climate Change Is A Living Planet Essay

The Climate Change Is A Living Planet Essay

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. Berry uses the metaphor that Earth is a living planet because of all of the diverse lifeforms it has created and by doing this, he really brings to mind what we as humans aren 't appreciating this beautiful planet like we should. McFague states "climate change is surely the most severe test that humanity has ever faced, not only in terms of survival but equally important, in regard to our ‘humanity '. This quote is very important because the reason that this planet is dying has a lot to do with our humanity in the sense that we aren 't treating the planet the way we should be. For example, the climate change that is currently being experienced across the globe is a result of air pollution that has caused the rapid release of greenhouse gases in the atmospheres. The unprecedented rapid increase of greenhouse gas emission from factories, cars, and other fossil fuel sources has resulted in global warming which has triggered extreme weather patterns with effects such as severe droughts and floods. Although much of the greenhouse gasses have been released by first-world countries, it is the poor third-world countries that are currently the most susceptible to these effects but in the long-term everyone will be will suffer the consequences of climate change. More and more people have now come to admit that climate change is real, but real action to stop it is yet to be taken. McFague insists that "climate change should not necessarily be an apocalyptic event that will destroy human life". To address this problem, certain elements need to be present to change people 's relationship with the earth and motivate humanity to achieve such dramatic change.
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...t lead to climate change and can play a pivotal role of garnering public support towards such efforts. Political leaders can also play a role in encouraging communities and individuals to rapidly adopt practices that promote the protection of the environment and make those practices more accessible. Today, we hear of many changes we could do to help our environment, but many of those actions are just not accessible to everyone. For example, we know that solar power is very efficient and renewable source, but the solar panels needed to absorb that power are hard to come by and sometimes very pricey. Therefore, to stabilize greenhouse emissions and drastically reduce the rate of climate change, political leaders need to first of all acknowledge that this is a very crucial problem and take the necessary steps to make climate change the most powerful political movement.

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