Essay about Climate Change: Effects on People and the Environment

Essay about Climate Change: Effects on People and the Environment

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“Our generation has inherited an incredibly beautiful world from our parents and they from their parents. It is in our hands whether our children and their children inherit the same world” (Richard Branson). This quote is a brief rewording of the issue we have today with global warming. For those who are not aware of what global warming is, it is when too much carbon dioxide is added into the atmosphere. Global warming can cause sever hurricanes, intense weather, and many other natural disasters. For example, the lack of protection to our species and natural resources has led to many conflicts around the world. The lack of conservation of natural resources and need for habitat protection has had a major impact on the environment also. The idea of going green is a great way to help our planet and to help our future generations. As stated in the opening quote our parents and their parents passed down this beautiful world for us, so we need to take care of it because we will be inheriting this beautiful world to our children and their children. According to the Toronto Star “Global warming will doubtlessly lead to global warring over resources. Add in extreme weather and rising sea levels and it’s a volatile mix that promises extreme violence and suffering” (Zerbisias3). Global warming is a major issue today that needs to be taken into great consideration by everyone due to the fact that what we are doing today is only going to affect the future generations. Global warming is leading to many problems such as lack of resources, severe climate changes, intense heat waves, and economic consequences.
Natural resources play a major effect on everyday living in the world such as oil, trees, and most importantly our sources of water. ...

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... to make a change it will happen. The government also needs to put more involvement into the issue such as federal spending. If the government would actually give more money towards the issue of global warming a change could be done. They can start off by helping with all of the ideas such as the turbines and windmills and other project. If only they would at least plant back trees after they cut them so that even though they did cut a tree a new one would be there in a few years. If people would start recycling and disposing of the trash appropriately that can be a big change also because the water would not be as polluted and the animals would not be endangered of dying by eating some paper or getting caught up on something else that can harm them. Global warming is when too much carbon dioxide is added into the atmosphere and it is all caused by the human race.

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