Classical Musical Culture: Piano Art Essay

Classical Musical Culture: Piano Art Essay

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Piano art is one of the most significant areas of classical musical culture. The history of solo piano keyboard culture has been more than five hundred years. Periodization of piano culture is divided into several periods: Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Twentieth Century. I have played piano for many years and have always been interested in the development of Western classical piano compositions and pieces from classical period to the present day so I decided to do my investigation on this topic because I always wondered how piano solos have developed.
The piano has developed at the 18 centuries by Bartolomeo Cristofori. It is used for composing, accompaniment and solo performances. The word “piano” from the Italian means “quiet” and “loud”. Originally the range of the piano was four octaves but later Mozart wrote music for piano with five octaves and then Beethoven made some changes which include the use of six octaves. Today the piano has seven full octaves and two incomplete. In addition pedals are very important in the piano.
There are three pedals. The right pedal immediately raises all dampers, so that when you release the keys corresponding to the strings continue to sound. In addition, other string instruments also begin to vibrate, becoming a secondary source of sound. The right pedal is used for two purposes: to make a recoverable sequence of sounds inextricable (play legato) and enrich the sound of new overtones.
The left pedal is used to attenuate sound. In grand pianos it achieved a shift to the right of the hammers, so that instead of three strings choir they hit only two (in the past sometimes only one). In piano hammers closer to the strings. This pedal is used much less frequently.
The middle pedal of th...

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...r learning the musical is playing piano. It is still used today in classical compositions and popular songs. This tool doesn’t lose its significance for the past free centuries. Each musician is a world in itself, it only, he shall not enter into the competitive relationship neither with the artists of that time, nor with the artists of the past, nor in some sense, we can speak about it with the artists in a future. Disputes about how to do this or other composer tense ever. Besides on facts that each artists brings something different, sometimes even not intentionally, but because individual features are more important realities of the time-the music is moving forward, offering a contemporary philosophy of styles, often in favor of the dominant fashion. Piano will always be a favorite instrument for performers and composers forever and in the rest of 21st century.

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