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Franz Liszt is said to be the most astounding piano virtuosos that existed during the Romantic era. This essay will discuss his achievements as a pianist as well as a composer. This essay will examine his life and will examine what influenced him at an early age. It will also look at his accomplishments as a pianist as well as a composer and examine how he became as well known as he is today. It will use his background to show what exactly influenced him to become a successful pianist and composer and it will discuss how essential he was during the Romantic era.

Franz Liszt was one of many composers to emerge out of the Romantic era. According to A History of Western Music, he was born in a German speaking area of Austria, known as western Hungary at the time. His father taught him piano from the age of six and when they moved to Vienna, Liszt studied piano further with Carl Czerny and was taught theory and counterpoint by Antonio Salieri. From an early age it can be seen that Liszt’s interested in music was encouraged by his father and if he was willing to move to Vienna so Liszt could improve, this would suggest that Liszt showed a lot of potential at such a young age. Because he was taught at an early age and developed an interest in the piano, his father was clearly one of his greatest influences in what Liszt is now known for. The achievements he accomplished in his later life can date back to when he first started playing piano. When Liszt was eleven, he began to play in several public concerts and a year after that, his family moved to Paris where he could study theory and composition private teachers. His family wanted to encourage Liszt to take this as a career path and they made the right choice to encourage him at an ...

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... he accomplished in his life and how he became the well known virtuoso he is today. A background to his life was given to show how he became a well known pianist and composer and it discussed how important he was during the Romantic era. It has shown in great detail, just how focused Liszt was and how he became such a successful composer of the Romantic era. Many examples have been referred to in order to add emphasis to Liszt’s accomplishments as both a pianist and a composer.
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