Class Sizes : California Are Big Essay

Class Sizes : California Are Big Essay

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Class sizes in California are big. In fact, with an average of 24.9 students per teacher, California is the state with the highest number of students enrolled per certified teacher in elementary schools (NEA Research). Nearly three full bodies less, Oregon has the second highest average with 21.8 students, and closer to the California defined “small class” size (NEA Research).
California also has the largest enrollment in a single district, which is three times the second largest number of enrollment for a single district in the nation, with 667, 273 students compared to 202, 245 students (Texas) (Education Week Research Center, 7). In total California has 955 regular school districts, not including charter or other agencies (private), and an average median enrollment of 1,938, which is nowhere near the highest district enrollment (Education Week Research Center, 7). Therefore, making the average median a poor reflection of actual enrollment numbers and the issue at hand.
One of the state’s district, which we will observe more closely, is the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District (HLPUSD), established in 1970 and caters a K-12 education to the reported enrollment of more than 22,000 students (About HLPUSD). The district caters to residence, within their boundaries, of the city of La Puente, Industry, Hacienda Heights and the unincorporated cities West Puente Valley and Valinda (About HLPUSD). The district can be divided into two regions (north and south) or four sub regions (NW,NE,SW,SE): The northern region (8 squared mi) being from Ardilla Ave to Azusa Ave (West to East) and Francisquito Ave (north) to Valley Blvd (south) with Hacienda Blvd splitting the northern region into two subsections (Google). The southern region (1...

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...p averages does not appear to be a high number, California gaps were only significantly better than is other states, ranking it 45 out 51 [includes DC]( Education Week Research Center, 10). The worry comes when this report is compared to previous year reports, which show no significant improvement, except when compared to reports of twenty-four years ago (Department of Education, “State Profiles).
Further research, dealing with poor state results, was conducted by the American Legislative Exchange Council in 2013 and was led by Dr. Matthew Ladner and Dave Mysilinski. Both Ladner and Mysilinski analyzed student scores by looking at state rankings and improvements made over recent years in specific areas, that included State Aceademic standards and Teacher Quality, and the overall results for California was a letter grade of C+ with a ranking of 30 out of 51 (Ladner).

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