Essay on The Civil Rights Movement, By Ernest J. Gaines

Essay on The Civil Rights Movement, By Ernest J. Gaines

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Ernest J. Gaines stated, “That 's man 's way. To prove something. Day in, day out he must prove he is a man...” Gaines states this quote from his novel The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, which he publishes in 1971 just a few years after the ending of The Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement, also known as “The African American Civil Rights Movement”, was a battle started between the society and the African-American race for racial equality, acceptance, and respect as it was given to the Whites. However, the ongoing battle for blacks to obtain these expectations from society lasted for years, and would often force some blacks to separate themselves from the entire race and propose their worthiness of respect and manhood to society by proving and earning it as an individual instead of waiting for it to be handed to the entire race. Gaines has personally experienced the ongoing negative impacts that The Civil Rights Movement constantly reflected on the entire black race as a community. However, it also influence and force the individual strategies that he partakes to prove his worthiness as a black man to society. His individual actions to stand on his own and prove his value correlates with his statement that explains that man must prove he is a man. Understanding the meaning and the reasoning of his quote and having knowledge about The Civil Rights Movement in which around the time his novel, Catherine Carmier was written and publish, it relates and illustrates influence to the similar demonstrations that were display within the novel by the two African American characters Raoul, and Jackson, whom independently confronts society, their community, and each other of their worthiness of manhood and respect while coex...

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...uality, social acceptance and equal respect as an African American as it was given to the White supremacy. Even though this was a more credible strategic plan and demonstrated by blacks, it was the most ongoing, long process to demand and receive equal values that were given to the white community. This novel allows Gaines readers to fully understand the alternative strategies of removing oneself from entire black community that many individual black males had to partake in order for manhood to be seen as important. During The Civil Rights Movement, which around the time his novel Catherine Carmier publish, does impacts Gaines writing and influence the actions that Raoul and Jackson demonstrate to obtain and present worthiness of their manhood based on the evidence that similar actions were performs by Gaines, during the movement, to gain worthiness of his manhood.

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