The Chronicles Of A Death Foretold By Gabriel Garcia Marquez Essay

The Chronicles Of A Death Foretold By Gabriel Garcia Marquez Essay

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In the novella The Chronicles of a Death Foretold, Gabriel García-Márquez criticizes society’s descent into the lowest levels of morality by encouraging Santiago Nasar 's murder. Garcia-Marquez reveals the sins of Santiago while subsequently uncovering the evils of the community who betrayed him. In doing so, he shifts perspective from the seven fatal wounds inflicted upon Santiago as a representation of the sins he committed to how the sins of the community were the his real cause of death. To effectively assert his religious beliefs of how such immorality will have to answer to God, García-Márquez personifies the seven deadly sins through the characters and events in this novella.
To personify envy, García-Márquez represents the wedding as the predominant source of envy in all the town. García-Márquez mitigates the value of the wedding by describing how even "time passed without anxiety because of the irresistible way in which Bayardo San Román arranged things"(García-Márquez 35). The event was a ruse to create envy and for Bayardo to obtain the ability to brag of such an event in order to fill the loveless void in his marriage. The wedding created and exposed Santiago to such envy spoiling his morality and creating a sinner who became jealous of the wedding, and he started “dreaming out loud… about what [his] wedding is going to be like” (García-Márquez 18). García-Márquez mentions this wedding to create jealousy and an inevitable fate for the now envious Santiago, as God punishes him for such thinking. García-Márquez conveys how the wedding itself falls apart under God’s will for being creating on a false “illusion of buying happiness” in the marriage to brag about their high status and power, and exposing such evils to...

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...árquez 80) as God’s revenge to force Pablo to feel the consequence of feeling pleasure of ‘eating’ up and watching Santiago in pain. García-Márquez personifies how greed and gluttony in society infected and killed Santiago with no mercy and justifies the pain of the twins as the consequences of God for performing such sins.
García-Márquez conveys his beliefs that God uniquely punishes each sin by meticulously describing each character’s role in Santiago’s death and how their life changed after his death. García-Márquez creates consequences tailored for each of the sins to demonstrate his beliefs that God’s punishment was inevitable. Moreover, he focuses on how even though each sin was not physically responsible for Santiago’s death, the exposure to these evils foretold Santiago’s death and the seven deadly sins were ultimately responsible for Santiago’s demise.

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