Essay about Christianity As A Living Religious Tradition

Essay about Christianity As A Living Religious Tradition

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Through the close study of two of the aspects shown in the diagram, their contributions allow Christianity to be considered a living religious tradition. The significant contributions of Pope John XXIII, during both his papal and Pre-papal life have had everlasting effects on not only Catholicism, but Christianity as a whole and lead to the sense of Christianity being a living religious tradition. His works include two Papal encyclicals, Mater et Magistra and Pacem in Terris, along with his work being Apostolic Delegate of Greece and Turkey. Moreover, The significant practice of Baptism has further contributed to Christian being considered a living religious tradition as it accounts for the premise of most Christian beliefs to be initiated, especially in terms of salvation and affirming the beliefs in the trinity and following the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Christianity is considered to be a living religion especially in terms of the reach for salvation. In the present through the practice of Baptism, Christians believe they die to the life of Original Sin and are born again to Christ, thus able to achieve Salvation. Thus, the tradition and sacred ritual of baptism implies that in order to be active adherents in the Catholic church, one must be baptised, just as Jesus was in the New Testament, “Peter said to them, Repent, and be baptised every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ.” (Acts 2:38) Another way in which baptism demonstrate that Christianity is a living religious tradition, is through the teachings associated with the purpose of human existence. Through the act of Baptism, which is a direct display of the belief in Salvation through Jesus, the purpose of human life is presented in terms of adherent’s purpose to lov...

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...rsued this moral throughout his time as Pope. Thus, through following the works of, and Jesus’ teachings of inclusion, John XXIII has contributed to Christianity being considered a living religious tradition.

Christianity is clearly a living religious tradition through both the significant person in Roncalli, and the practice of baptism. The continuing effects of the impacts of Pope John XXIII in his encyclicals and himself catalysing Vatican 2 and ‘aggiornamento’ create the sense that Christianity is a living religious tradition. The sacred practice of baptism allows adherents to make physical their faith, including the belief in the trinity, and allows candidates to become one with God through the renewal of life, abolishing original sin. It is evident that both aspects of the Christian faith have lead to Christianity being considered a living religious tradition.

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