Essay on Christianity And Its Influence On Society

Essay on Christianity And Its Influence On Society

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Christianity has its own store of powerful cultural tools that are used to legitimate the social order. For instance, symbols. Symbols in Christianity are used to reflect and reinforce social boundaries. The common example is when most Christians’s ships on the open ocean are required to bare with symbols. Catholics wear a crucifix on a chain around their neck, which identifies them as Christians. In addition, Christians known for having a fish symbol on their car which also identifies them as Christians. Also, these types of symbols identify an individual as insider of the group and simultaneously opuses him or her to another group. Most of Christians often involve appeals to what the gods say. They use religious legitimations, such as “because God says so” or “because the Bible says so” in order to give further justifications for their practices. The way of talking is used to legitimate and manufacture the consent of social order. If we focus on the meaning of “the Bible says so” we will miss out on the social effect. The members of Christian community are simply saying that Bible says that some acts are forbidden and not allowed to be practiced. However, if we focus on social effect, we might notice that this way of talking also does something: it functions to add an additional level of supernatural authority to what they were saying. Rituals in Christian religion mark insider and outsider boundaries. The common example is when requires all members to go through “Communion” which is one of the central ritual practices of the Church. This ritual is designed to mark an individual as a full insider in the Catholic Church, with all rights and responsibilities of a full member. This is an other example of social order that people ha...

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...gious tradition by looking at its cultural inbox, like trying to prove that Christianity is intrinsically a violent religion Jesus said “I came to bring not a peace, but sword”, we can better understand the social effects of myths, rituals, and other elements of cultural toolboxes if we consider the critical questions in particular historical contexts (Martin, 115). By the term historical context Martin emphasizes several questions, such as: Who is trying to persuade whom? What are the consequences should the attempt succeed? Is domination bring reinforced or challenged? I assume that answers to these sorts of questions will bring into relief a wide variety of thing we would otherwise notice. I think, it is important to note that those things that we listed above colloquially called religious traditions are not simply direct and intentional tools of legitimation.

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