Marriage And Cohabitation Essay

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Throughout the years, societies view on marriage and cohabitation has been changing, especially from the 1950s up until now. Marriage and cohabitation are in relation to social location, education, immigration and social class. In addition, these changes are influenced through socialization and their surrounding environments as people’s beliefs and expectations vary from what a defined family really is. Same-sex couples are now getting married and the divorce rate is on the rise, including non-married couples raising children. Most importantly, each individual determines who they marry or whom they share their love with through conditioning or in the course of shared similarities. People have dissimilar values, beliefs and attitudes and throughout the life course may change again, including the future generations. This paper reviews why marriage is on the decline and cohabitation is now the accepted social norm, including other aspects such as specific rights that couples have over others in the past. Religion is a powerful tool that alters minds of those who are affiliated with it. As a result, their beliefs are conditioned and marriage is valued differently than those who are not married. All in all this paper will further explain the change, continuity and…show more content…
Household situations are also turning unclear since the course of changing family status is a periodical process; the transitional and vague household structures relate to conditions of multi-residence. All these non-conventional household structures deviate from the familiar traditional nuclear household structure. (Uhlendorff et al. 2011, Farrer & Lay 2011), observe that these major transitions and trends in household structures are quite

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