Essay on Christian Symbolism & Biblical Imagery in Macbeth

Essay on Christian Symbolism & Biblical Imagery in Macbeth

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Many authors share a common thread in their writing, allusions to biblical concepts. The Bible is one of the most influential texts of all time and its presence can seen seen through countless pieces of literature.. One of the best examples of a literary work that has been fashioned after biblical elements is The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. “Christian philosophy' says Walter C. Curry ' recognizes two tragedies of cosmic importance: (1) the fall of Lucifer and a third part of the angelic hosts, who rebelled against God and were cast out, and (2) the fall of Adam who was originally endowed with perfection and freedom but who set his will against God and so brought sin and limited freedom upon mankind. ‘.... ‘The fall of Macbeth draws in the combined power of those of Lucifer and Adam."(Coursen 318) In, William Shakespeare's Macbeth, Shakespeare uses the rise and ultimate demise of Macbeth to describe the Biblical concepts known as the " Fall of Man" and ' Victory in Christ'.

The “Fall of Man” story in The Bible, better known as the “Garden of Eden “story or “Adam and Eve”, is the story of how sin entered the perfect world that God had created.According to the Genesis 3, the book and the chapter in which the story is located, God gave Adam and Eve, the only two humans ever to be created at the time, a perfect place to dwell, a paradise called the Garden of Eden . This garden contained everything they needed and it was good. They had only one condition, they could not eat from the tree that was in the center of the garden, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, because God said that if they ate it the would “ surely die”. Well one day a snake came along, or should I say Satan disguised as a snake, to tal...

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...e has become a woman. Therefore one could say that both Macduff and Jesus Christ were not born from woman. This is our first indication that Macduff is definitely representative of Jesus. Our second and final clue that Macduff plays Jesus, is in his final defeat of Macbeth. When Jesus died on the cross he redeemed the world from their sin.Through this redemption he cancelled out the old era of laws due to Adam’s sin and ushered in a new era with different rules no longer governed by the effects of Adam’s sin. This is why some people call Jesus the second Adam, because he was the turning point and the changer of the Adam’s sin. When Macduff kills Macbeth he literally cancels out what ever Macbeth has done, he beheads him and takes that sinful nature and puts it on display and says I am now in control of this instead of it controlling me and determining my path.

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