The Background Of Original Sin: The Background Of Original Sin

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“By one man 's disobedience, many were made sinners” (Rom. V. 5:19). First articulated by Augustine (A.D. 354–430), the doctrine of original sin holds that all of Adam’s descendants inherit the guilt of Adam’s sin and thus incur the punishment for Adam’s sin. To understand sin entirely you must first know the background of the first ever sin. Original sin can differ in the different branches of Christianity like Catholicism and Protestantism. Questions are raised more and more about original sin through the writings of theologians. Questioning sin is something that is raised throughout culture and time. A thought could be brought up years earlier and then could be proven right or right in our culture and time. This paper is to not only teach…show more content…
Their story is the central belief that God created human beings to live in a paradise on earth. However, they fell away from God’s plan and formed the present world that includes suffering and injustice. God gave them permission to eat the fruit from any of the tress besides one, the tree of good and evil or better known as the tree of life. One day the Devil came in the form of a snake to The Garden of Eden and convinced Eve with his cunningness to eat the fruit because it would supposedly make her wiser knowing the good and the bad. After Eve told Adam he then ate the fruit as well. When God came they felt fear and embarrassment for the first time and hid from God. They have never noticed their nakedness before either and tried to cover their body parts with leaves. He was not looking for them because He didn’t know where they were, but to give Adam and Eve a chance to return to Him and acknowledge their sin. Adam and Eve knew if they ate the fruit that they would soon later die. They were spiritually separated from God forever and would have to later work and praise him once they left The Garden of Eden. They would now grow old, become sick, and die. From now on every human being would be born into sin. Baptism became something that most Christian infants have to do to be removed from being born in…show more content…
Views on original sin have changed and are different in all branches of the Christian religion. The first sin has impacted every Christian’s life if from the day that they were born since most, if not all, Christian families have their children baptized when they’re infants. With culture changing all the time so did original sin with it; many people have changed their views on the first sin because of the culture that they live or lived in. Finally, original sin is a highly debated topic that more people of all religions should to know to fully understand the origin of

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