Essay on The Christian Bible and the Islamic Quaran

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Similarities and difference exist between the two sacred texts of Islam and Christianity and although the Qur’an and the Bible are considered sacred text and their impact on modern society is ever present. Sacred texts are a collection of historical writings that date back thousands of years and are used by many traditions to have a special significance especially scriptures and holy books as they are often used to show hoe to live an honest and meaningful life. The Qur’an is the sacred text of Islam. It is believed to be the word of Allah who spoke to directly to the prophet Muhammad. The Holy Bible is the sacred book of Christians, and has two parts to it, the Old Testament and the New Testament. Combined they contain writing from the time before Christ and after Christ. Sacred texts were written in a time of oral tradition where stories were passed down and perhaps some of their meaning may have been lost in translation due to the time each book was written. One most consider what was going on during politically and socially at time of writing understand the intention of the writers.

The translation of the Qur'an is a much argued topic. When the Qur'an was first being written, it was recorded on bits on bone and hide because paper was not yet imported from China. Very few people could read and write, thus the majority of the Qur'an was passed down orally from generation to generation, each memorising long passages and poems. When it was decided to record all the passages, they only accepted parts that came directly from Muhammad. It was written in Arabic and translating to other languages is difficult due to the complexity of the Arabic language. Therefore when the Qur'an is translated into English, it is called the Qur'an In...

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... statutes. Some of the laws have a Christian influence, common Law and civil law are shaped by Christian kings and by Churchmen Norman Conquest. The bible is recognised as the most important book of the development of the laws. This is a map showing the Civil and Common Law in the world, which dominants majority of the map. This map also has Sharia Law on the map, comparing Sharia Law with Common and Civil law. Sharia law does not take over a lot of the map, but Jihad which is associated with Sharia Law and Islam, is a movement that checks and balances that way of Allah. Sharia law is the law of Islam, it and control every aspects of life. A recent article reported "Women face whipping and execution for breaking Sharia dress code" If sharia law was in affect all over the world, imagine what would happen. Imagine, women would be persecuted, they would have no rights.

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