Essay on Christian Beliefs Of The Martyrs

Essay on Christian Beliefs Of The Martyrs

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Christians were known for being civilly disobedient, but the Christians also had a reputation for acting altruistically through nursing the sick . The Christians were the only group of people in the cities who provided charity for everyone, including their pagan neighbours. The interpersonal relationships between the pagans and the Christians in the cities provided the pagans with a good look at the true nature of Christianity . The periods of persecution and martyrdom also contributed to a number of conversions because pagans had grown to know the Christians saw that it was unjust to persecute them for abiding by a religion that seeks to help everyone regardless of their religious affiliation. The martyrs did not only die for their faith, but they also died for the principles, which it professes. During periods of peace the pagans saw that the violent persecutions against the Christians, who provided multiple services for the needy was unjust. Martyrdom attracted pagans to Christian doctrines because the martyrs were willing to die in order to keep both the faith and its dogmas alive. The enthusiasm, to which the Christian martyrs embraced death, was another contributing factor towards Christian conversion.
For many pagans witnessing martyrs embrace death so willingly was a confusing notion. As time progressed many pagans had drifted away from polytheism to monotheism. Witnessing the willingness of the martyrs to accept death with enthusiasm, rather than renounce their faith provided the pagans with a religion that people were willing to die for . The act of martyrdom signified a devotion to a higher power that the pagans had never before experienced. In their view martyrdom did not make sense, why would somebody willingly die f...

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...pagan community would not find the incestuous, bestial, cannibalistic religion they were told about, but an altruistic faith. Through interacting with the Christian minority the pagans would have discovered a faith that it altruistic in nature, a faith that seeks to help everyone regardless of gender, age or religious affiliation. Martyrdom dispelled the myths perpetuated by an empire in fear of malevolent gods and introduced them to the true God, energizing the faithful to embrace martyrdom with joy. To refuse the rejection of God and to embrace martyrdom is the highest honour in the Christian faith. The dogma of martyrdom is the most prevalent in Catholicism, as it is a faith that has experienced centuries of persecution primarily during the reformation and also in the 20th century, which has yielded more martyrs than all of the other eras of history put together .

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