Chores on a Sunny Day Essay

Chores on a Sunny Day Essay

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The warming rays of the sun slowly peeked through the window and into my room. As every morning begins, I am awakened by these beams of light shining in my face. As I sat up, I looked out my bedroom window. Through the thick brush of trees, I see what little sun I can as it casts its sunbeams in every direction. It illuminated the ground and the woods; the colors of which were slightly off, almost like looking at them through a stained window pane. I watched the sun climb higher into the sky. But the higher it got the less time I realized I had to play.

For me, playing was one of the very most important things. I had so many toys, but I would always rather play with, for example, Lady Spoon and Master Fork that hailed from Ye Old Drawer. I had many other ordinary objects I would make up to be interesting. One would never find me playing with an actual Barbie doll.

Once I had fished planning my day in my head, I then proceeded to get dressed and ready to tackle the day. As soon as I was able to sit down and eat breakfast, my sister woke up. My sister, Ronnie, is just three and a half years younger than me, but she acts like she is much younger than that. She runs out crying that I left her alone in our bedroom.
“Why did you leave me ALONE?!” Ronnie cries
Annoyed, I shot her a look of disdain, and growled “You big baby. If you can’t deal with me leaving my own room just to eat breakfast just because you want me to have the pleasure of waiting for your big butt to get up, then sorry, but not happening.”
Ronnie begins to weep, but I can see through that in a New York minute. After I finish my breakfast I bring my dishes up to the sink. As usual, I quickly rinse the dish off and set it in the sink. However, it was hard to put my...

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...e victim of a ghostly possession. You should think of yourself as lucky that he didn’t possess you.” Ronnie looked up at me and said that I was right and that I was brave. I then proceeded to make myself look better by saying, “and I even tried to fight it, he was strong, but I knew I had to save you somehow. You’re welcome.”
In the days to follow I grew very guilty and had to confess to her. She didn’t take it well. In fact she told on me right away, even after I had tried to bribe her with three quarters; I guess she just didn’t see the endless possibilities of 75 cents like I did. I was later punished and was made to do everyone’s laundry for a week. However, I saw that there was something very valuable to be learned from all of this; the next time I got revenge (which was soon in Ronnie’s case), I won’t be confessing after I have already gotten away with it.

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