Gender Stereotypes In Toys R Us

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While we walk through Toys R Us, we noticed how separate the designs or make up of the toys that were displayed throughout the store. The two separate designs were very distinct in what type of gender they belonged to. In order to understand how toys play a role to the development gender identification, we took a close view at how company market their toys. We first focused on the toys that you would assume were directed towards boys. The design of the toys were mostly “boy colors” like blue, black and red, which were bolder to the eye. One thing we noticed about most of the illustrations on the boxes or packaging were a lot more violent than the “girl’ toys. Even one of the illustrations had a small knight holding an axe and attacking…show more content…
There has even been studies that children under the age of one can tell the difference between male and female just by seeing certain objects paired with a male or a female face. Then the article goes into talking about when children start understanding what it means to be a boy or a girl. At the age of three or four children begin to understand the differences in the two types of genders. Since we begin to notice the difference at a young age, it is a perfect opportunity for toy companies to enforce the traditional genders on the toys they…show more content…
The standpoint theory explains that our different experiences and understanding of life can be affected by what type of gender we identify with. Where the toys we were exposed to when we were younger, can affect what type of gender we describe ourselves; which can determine our standpoint. Another theory that relates our exposure to these certain toys is Butler’s theory. Within this theory it points out that through a sequence of repeated actions overtime can enforce what it mean to be feminine or masculine. Therefore, constantly playing with these toys can embed certain stereotypes on how to behave. So regularly play with certain toys causes you to get accustom to what it means to be a boy or a girl. Through that, these means get embed in your memories and in time also your personality. It is just like anything else you want to learn, the more you do it the faster it becomes a part of you. Lastly, what are some toys we played with when we were younger and how did it affect us? We all had very different experiences and toys growing up. One reason why we had diverse experiences growing up is because we are all from different places throughout the world. Where we either played with the stereotypical toys, such as sport or action figure toy that were directed for boys, or we had little experiences growing up with toys. People that play with the stereotypical toys it enforced that stereotype on them, where

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