Chinese Parenting Over Western Parenting Essays

Chinese Parenting Over Western Parenting Essays

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Amy Chua believes that Chinese mothers are more superior than any other mothers because they raise such stereotypical successful kids. In her document “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” I believe that she does a great job of explaining why she believes they are more superior. Amy Chua uses examples, facts, and emotional connections to provide information to the reader about why Chinese mothers are superior. Rhetorical appeals can be defined as three elements that are used in the art of persuasion. They are logos, ethos, and pathos. In the article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” Amy Chua I believe that the rhetorical appeals that Amy Chua uses are effective in informing the reader about Chinese parenting over Western Parenting.
The first rhetorical device that Amy Chua uses that is effective is logos. “Logos is a statement, sentence or argument used to convince or persuade the targeted audience by employing reason or logic.” Amy Chua uses statistics and facts in her argument from the beginning of the article. Chua starts out the article with statistics on the percentages of Chinese and of Western mothers who believe that being strict about academic success is not good for their children. In the study it is said that zero percent of Chinese mothers believe that stressing success is not good for their children. Amy Chua also says that Chinese mothers do not allow their children to participate in extracurricular activities. Using statistics such as these help Amy Chua persuade even more that Chinese mothers are superior. The reason authors use logical appeals because it is hard for a reader to argue with facts. The only downside of her logical appeal is that she does not cite her sources for her facts. The problem with this is th...

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... the same because they care for their children. To me this was confusing because in the article she said that western parents are setting their children up for failure because of the way they treat them. Then she says Chinese and Western parents are the same because the care. The emotional appeal in this article gets a little confusing at times when Amy Chua goes back and forth on the Western parenting style, however I still believe she did a good job of getting her point across of why Chinese mothers were more superior.
Chua uses the three rhetorical devices trying to persuade to the reader that Chinese mothers are more superior. I believe that she did a very good job in explaining the difference in the parenting styles of Chinese and Western parents, however as far as persuading the reader that Chinese mothers are better I think she could have done a better job.

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Chinese Parenting Over Western Parenting Essays

- Amy Chua believes that Chinese mothers are more superior than any other mothers because they raise such stereotypical successful kids. In her document “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” I believe that she does a great job of explaining why she believes they are more superior. Amy Chua uses examples, facts, and emotional connections to provide information to the reader about why Chinese mothers are superior. Rhetorical appeals can be defined as three elements that are used in the art of persuasion....   [tags: Rhetoric, United States, Logic, Appeal to emotion]

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