China 's Transformation Is Written By Colin Mackerras Essay

China 's Transformation Is Written By Colin Mackerras Essay

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China in Transformation is written by Colin Mackerras published in 1998. This is a printed source. This book focuses on major topics in history and it provides a narrative and critical analysis of different perspectives and interpretations. Gives accurate descriptions of how China developed. It is well organized and gives a visual and detailed events and the names of important people. It is a narrative so it gives real life examples and perspectives. It includes multiple perspectives from actual people who were in Mao’s generation, to historians, to professors and those multiple perspectives gives information a more valuable reliable sense. All the information provided has been used from a professor at Griffith University that taught the subject of China. There may be some unreliable / inaccurate information. A Bitter Revolution was written by Rana Mitter published in 2004, came from Oxford University Press. The book focuses on China and Mao’s ruling in China and how well known of a person he is in China and in the Western side of the world. It will talk a lot about modern China and its people. Includes multiple scholars and their books and articles to help purify the information even more. Briefly talks about Mao and his role. Does not talk in depth about his role in China and the events that lead to modern china or even its downfalls in china. Focuses on more modern events that modern China. No Tears from Mao is written by Niu-Niu and published in 1995. This book talks about a real life perspective in China during Mao’s years of ruling. Both good and bad events and how these events made this person be who they are today. It is a 1st person perspective, written in a narrative. This is valuable because 1st person perspectives are...

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The Mao era has been seen as such an influential era of many individuals that followed his lead, all from the children to adults, from the living o the dead. Mao’s attempt to purify and make A better China was seen though the Great Leap Forward of 1958-60, but the Great Leap Forward was a failure that later was followed by an economic crisis. A second attempt to restoring China was through the Cultural Revolution in the 1966 Mao launched what was known as the Cultural Revolution to gain the trust of his people and to create a better China. Mao Zedong was one of many leaders who stood up for his country and guided his people to a better country and state of mind. Mao 's rule and leadership has been criticised for many reasons, but many of his actions as a great leader has made him been seen by many people as an idole for the Chinese Communist revolution.

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