Essay on China 's Impact On Chinese Culture

Essay on China 's Impact On Chinese Culture

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Chinas Economy
China has experienced major economic growth in the past forty years, but how did it develop into the economically powerful country that it is today? China has been through many difficulties and complications to get to the place it is at today. China’s government is called the People’s Republic of China and it operates on a socialist market economy. The culture of China is very diverse, it has fifty-six minority groups and many cultures have their own languages. However, the Chinese culture is trying to transition from traditional Chinese culture to a more modernized version of Chinese culture. This switch is causing controversy all over the country. The uniform language of China is Pȗtōnghuà and the Chinese Communist Party has ruled China to be atheist. Aside from culture, China has many customs as well. One of the major customs that it celebrates is called the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year. This festival is the largest festival in China. Unfortunately, the cultural reeks are being destroyed by urban construction and modernization. There are many factors that have influenced Chinas status today. The political situation is very delicate due to corruption, collective leadership, and large discrepancies. Due to this political situation, the economy is slowing down and the stock market has seen a decline. Basically, the country is experiencing economic decline. Globalization is the reason China’s economy boomed in the first place. Without the series of economic reforms that Deng Xiaoping instated, China may not be in the powerful state that it is in today. Globalization has positively impacted China’s economy in many ways but has negatively impacted the smaller aspects ...

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...e economy is booming and the number of jobs is growing greatly. For example, the economic boom that China experienced during the eighties was a result of globalization. The other side to this is that globalization impacted China in a negative way. This side believes that globalization is not helping China grow, but instead it is harming many aspects of Chinese culture. For example, the modernization of the Chinese culture is causing many problems and the environment is suffering greatly from the pollution in the air caused by globalization. Every person has their own stance on globalization and how it has affected China. There is no right or wrong side to this stance. There are many benefits from globalization economically, but globalization has done damage to Chinas culture and environment. Either way, China has been greatly impacted by globalization in many ways.

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