Children Should Be Taught At A School With An Environment Of Mental Discipline

Children Should Be Taught At A School With An Environment Of Mental Discipline

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I believe that every child is a very distinctive individual and will learn and prosper in different ways. A child is a unique, free, choosing, and responsible creature and is made up of intellect and emotion. As a future educator my goal is not only to help the children learn the core body of knowledge and skills necessary to be an acceptable member of society, but also to help the children discover their own interests. Since every child is different, each one has different interests. I believe that it is necessary to not emphasize on the child’s interest, but to use this interest as a tool to keep him/her engaged in all subjects. Children should be taught in a school with an environment of mental discipline, but also include innovative procedures that would introduce the scholar to a sensory activity examination of the realities regarding him or her.
Although I consider myself to be an essentialist, I have a Perennialist view of the curriculum. I believe that the curriculum ought to give attention to intellectual subject matter and embrace English, languages, history, arithmetic, n...

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