Essay `` Children Of Men `` By George Orwell

Essay `` Children Of Men `` By George Orwell

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"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength." , In this quote from George Orwell 's famous novel 1984 it is clear that the slogan of the dystopia is contradicting. The ideals of a dystopian society are reversed or far from the ones we have today, and the message is a constant and repetitive part of everyone 's life, reminding them not to break away from society and to devote themselves to their government. In the film, Children Of Men, the world has gone infertile and in turn has become a dystopia. Although the world is falling apart a young woman becomes impregnated and with the help of an ex-protester it is their goal to make it to the promise land. Alfonso Cuaron 's Children Of Men explores a diastolic world since refugees are placed in a dehumanized state, the news is used as a form of propaganda to control the people, and citizens are under constant surveillance.
Although in Children Of Men, refugees seem to be abundant in actuality the number is irrelevant as the government still manages to continue to place them into dehumanizing concentration camp-like areas away from the upper to middle class citizens. After meeting up with Syd Theo, Zee, and Myriam must figure out how to get into the refugee camp. Syd gives them instructions. The scene begins in a medium shot he opens the back door of his vehicle he leans in and proceeds to whisper, “ All right. You 're fugees now.” He makes a swift movement as he turns to the group and the camera zooms towards him. He baby talks to the group, “Show Syd your fugee face”. And the camera begins to zoom out. Syd continues as his expression changes and he frowns, “Sad face” but is quick to correct himself, “Sad fugee face”. Syd looks over at Zee and in a polite manne...

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...ed and survailanced making true privacy close to unobtainable. Vincente Rodriguez Ortega states "Human beings check in and out of their work places as though they were defeated zombies, unable to perform any form of substantial action." the comparison to zombies is adequate since the life for a typical citizen in a dystopia is purposeless as a result of the restrictions and control from primarily the government. These points not only define a dystopia but prove that a society without equality, trust, and freedom can be destructive and lifeless. Alfonso Cuaron contrasted the book as he depicted a dystopian society with a diminutive chance of hope, unlike the book. He also warns against dystopian behaviors through the film. In turn, Alfonso did not fail to provide a great representation of a true dystopian society that exemplified the slogan of George Orwell 's 1984.

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