Analysis Of The Themes In George Orwell's 1984

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Analysis of the Themes in 1984 George Orwell is thought to be one of this time 's greatest political authors that ever has become very well known.While growing up, Orwell’s family was lower-upper class, using this terminology to make a comparison of his family’s working class income and social aspirations. He lived his later years in Jura, a small and isolated island off the coast of Scotland and started working on his book (Johnson 1545-46). His novel, 1984, is used to impact the governmental judgement with enhancing it from the inside out. This literary work is fierce, yet at the same time fear to the control of one’s mind. Some critics have thought of this work as a political horror comic (Deutscher 120). 1984 is based in a society where…show more content…
They use this as a form of rebellion. Julia uses this as one of her ways to stay alive. To Winston, he uses it to slowly corrupt the Party and rebel against it, showing his intellectual side (We are the dead…). “In the old days, a man could look at a girl’s body and saw it was desirable and that was the end of the story. But you could not have pure love of pure lust nowadays...It was a blow struck against the Party. It was a political act (Orwell 126).” In 1984, if someone thinks another is attractive, while married, it is considered immoral and wrong. With their their no feelings of love, there cannot be any cheating on your spouse. Katharine, Winston’s current wife, is shown throughout the book to be the opposite of femininity. She is submissive to her husband, always doing what she is told. When Winston and Julia slept together on the multiple occasions, they were committing a sex crime. Sex only reserved for reproduction, and reproducing is only meant for two people in a marriage with each other (We are the dead…). Julia and Winston try on multiple occasions to join an underground group called The Brotherhood. O 'Brien, a coworker of Winston’s, give them a book about the truth about Big Brother in Oceania uprising. O 'Brien helps them realize that there are others who know the truth of Big Brother
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