Essay Children in Need of Back to School Supplies

Essay Children in Need of Back to School Supplies

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Children in Need of Back to School Supplies

Going back to school is an exciting time of the year for many students, as it is a fresh start with endless possibilities. Along with meeting new classmates, teachers and gaining knowledge, there is also the chance to reinvent oneself with every new school year. Shopping for new clothes and school supplies is something that every family must do, every year when summer winds down and kids get back to “the grind”. According to one survey, on average, families in 2013 spent about $635.00 on clothing, shoes, supplies, and electronics when shopping for the school year. ( However families living below the poverty line, and even many living above it, find it impossible to provide the most basic back-to-school gear needed for their children. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, twenty-two percent of children live in families with incomes that fall below the poverty line. ( and forty five percent live in low-income families. ( That is about thirty-two million kids who, without assistance, will most likely not be able to afford the supplies needed to be prepared for a successful school year. (
Economics at home affect children before starting school, during school, and for the rest of their lives. According to DoSomething.Org, “40 percent of children living in poverty aren’t prepared for primary school” and “by the end of the 4th grade, African-American, Hispanic and low-income students are already two years behind grade level. By the time th...

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...eeping a tally of all the supplies collected will help the NCJW know what they are receiving right away. Delegating work to different people is essential in this step.
The third step is promotion. There are so many different ways to promote, for example, flyers, local papers, social media, and blogging. Reaching out to community organizations, PTA groups, faith organizations, and libraries via written messages such as form letters or group emails is a great way to get donations or a drop-off location.
The last step is to gather all of the items for donation. Coordinating with the NCJW is helpful, especially if there is a very large amount of supplies. Evaluating what worked and what did not is a great way to streamline the process if done again. Finally, thanking everyone who helped in the process and celebrating all of the hard work and success.

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