Children Experience Different Types Of Adversities And Those Like Neglect

Children Experience Different Types Of Adversities And Those Like Neglect

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Jameshia Carruth
Research-Evaluated Interventions
Children experience different types of adversities and those like neglect can affect the child and their education tremendously. Something as simple as a parent helping their child with their homework or a teacher staying after school to tutor can positively change the outcome of that child’s future. It has been proved throughout history that a child will benefit from someone close to them being heavily involved in their education, causing them to succeed. Programs that promote a positive and responsive parent-child relationship are desirable as intervention strategies (DePanfilis, p. 55). There has been extensive research done on interventions related to child neglect and the effects it has on a child’s education and social well-being. Here, I will present some of the research evaluated interventions that have been proved to help children overcome the adversity of neglect.
Neglect is defined as the failure to provide a child with the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, medical care educational opportunities, protection or supervision. Understanding and responding to these issues is fundamental to designing effective parenting education programs that can help prevent abuse and neglect (Barth, p. 96). When talking about school based interventions (Trentham, p. 1). When talking about interventions for neglect as far as the child’s necessities, one intervention that seemed to help was SafeCare rated by the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse (CEBC). This program deals with an intervention program that refers needs being met in the home. SafeCare is an in-home parenting program in which parents are taught how to interact in a positive manner wit...

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