Childhood Obesity : Prevention And Promotion Of The Disease Essay

Childhood Obesity : Prevention And Promotion Of The Disease Essay

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Childhood Obesity
Obesity is currently among the most important health diseases in the world and there is dire need for prevention and promotion of the disease as it is amongst one of the leading contributors the increased number of preventable death causes (Daniels et al. 19). Child obesity has also been on the rise and has caused a major concern in the public health sector. Occurrences of children with overweight issues has been fast rising over the years despite increase in efforts to reduce this. A report by the United States Department of Health and Human Services National Center for Health Statistics (6), indicates that the children who are overweight estimate at about 16% and in places that have populations having high risk the estimate is as high as 24%, which is quite worrying.
Children that are overweight are faced with the danger of ailing both mentally and physically and this is by far quite disturbing and worrying to parents, the community, the schools to which they attend, to the kids themselves and also to the systems concerned with health care. Even the present First Lady, Michelle Obama from the United States acknowledges that child obesity is a huge battle that must be won where she even launched a nationwide campaign to completely eradicate the menace of obesity in children in one generation, the campaign was launched in February 2010 (Stolberg 10).
Statement of Problem
Centers such as CDC that is Center for Disease Control and Prevention has drawn conclusions that the growth rate of obesity in children has tripled from the year 1970 and this is a research conducted by National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute (5). The incidences have been on the rise mostly across lines of region, socioeconomic fact...

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...nto what problems of life be it social, emotional or physical that these children face on a daily basis. Various researches indicate that treatments for children with obesity problems is done using the team approach with the exposition to different support services to tackle this pandemic but this in turn may not be easily assessable to all states or regions. This is a step in the right direction as with unit such as support groups put in place, children can gain courage and enthusiasm towards living a healthier life. It is recommended that child obesity menace should be handled by focusing on rural communities’ strengths which offer immense opportunities towards dealing with the treatment and prevention of obesity in children. Research done in future should dwell on exploring avenues in which rural theory can be used to explain the health care situation of children.

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