Childhood Obesity And Its Effects

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Want to hear a scary thought? Childhood obesity rates in America are increasing drastically as the years pass on. Michelle Obama’s lunch campaign, Let’s Move, benefits school age children because it fights the war against obesity in a way that primarily affects them. Childhood obesity rates have tripled in the past thirty years, and almost a third of all children are overweight or obese (“Obama Launches Let’s Move” 1). In fact, it is projected that a third of these children will be at a higher risk for diabetes and other diseases that are caused by obesity-related problems. Studies have shown that early interventions can potentially prevent obesity as well as associated health conditions in children (Wojcicki and Heyman 1). When Michelle Obama found herself in the White House as the First Lady, she had a mission she wanted to accomplish. Her goal was to come up with a way to help children live healthier lives and tackle obesity. Her dedication to this effort was not just a goal, it was a plan put into action. Eventually her passion led to a federal campaign to fight childhood obesity and promote the education of children on health and nutrition called Let’s Move. Barack Obama has also been supportive of this idea by creating the Task Force on Childhood Obesity. Within ninety days, the Task Force will review every program or policy that involves child nutrition and physical activity, and develop a plan that uses federal resources and sets standards toward Michelle Obama’s national goal (“Obama Launches Let’s Move” 2). One of the most common issues about this new lunch campaign is that students refuse to eat the healthier alternatives at school. In fact, countless schools have reported that students are rebelling against this pr... ... middle of paper ... ... making a change. Olive Garden and Red Lobster are working on cutting calories and sodium in the items on their childrens’ menu. Officials in some communities are making efforts to promote physical activity by building parks, playgrounds, and refurbishing sidewalks (Obama 1). Athletes and celebrities are also becoming involved. For example, Drew Brees and Beyonce are taking steps to help encourage kids to get active (Obama 1). With people like this encouraging this goal, it has really became a success. Perhaps the people that have been taking the lead with this issue have been educators. Teachers recognize the students that don’t have proper diets. They have played a major role in coming up with ways to utilize scarce resources. Educators are showing us time and time again that kids can stay healthy, regardless of the amount of money or resources they have (Obama 2).
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