Childhood Obesity : A Serious Health Issue Essay

Childhood Obesity : A Serious Health Issue Essay

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“Childhood obesity is a serious health issue and is so widespread that it is considered an epidemic.” (Howard, 2012) Many children are engaging in more activities that involve little to no movement. Lack of physical activity is one of the main causes of childhood obesity in America. In order to decrease childhood obesity, childhood physical activity must be increased. If a student can get enough physical activity, then he/she will be more attentive and overall healthier. When children are obese their bodies are not maintaining a healthy balance between calories consumed and calories burned. Sixty minutes of daily vigorous physical activity is suggested for kids in order to obtain the benefits of psychological and physical well being. Although only one hour of physical activity is suggested per day, many kids barely get this amount. Children spend a majority of their day time at school, or doing school work. With so much time being taken up by just school, this leaves little time for kids to be active. Giving the kids more recess time could help increase physical activity level and in turn help kids be more attentive and have better over all health. According to Role of School in Physical Activity, when children have an increased amount of recess time, there is no long term effect of kids continuing this physical activity. This could be changed by how the school day is structured. Implementing certain physical activities during a school day could dramatically increase how the children learn and potentially help improve childhood obesity. Including the physical health problems that can come with being overweight or obese, low self-esteem is also increased in children. (The National Survey of Children’s Health, 2005) Most of the tim...

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...t scores. Each test score will give an indication if the physical activity before during and after school is helping improve the child’s cognitive thinking. Another factor that would be taken into consideration would be the child’s health charts before and after the study is conducted. These would show the benefits of either participating in physical activity during school or being inactive.
After these results are acquired, next we would look at if the physical activity in the school encouraged outside of school physical activity.
Laying out this research will help improve our knowledge on how physical activity in beneficial in children’s health and intelligence. This research can give us key information on how children are effected if they are engaging in activity or not engaging in activity. This is crucial information for the health of the future generations.

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