Child Welfare System : A Child Protection System Essay

Child Welfare System : A Child Protection System Essay

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Child welfare system was originated with the goals that social workers would try and alleviate poverty and its impact; however as the years have passed, the child welfare system turned into a child protection system directed toward investigating abuse and neglect, and removing children from families and placing them in foster care, and is no longer prepared to assist in resolving the problems of child poverty (Lindsey, 2004). Child welfare system has been developed around the residual approach which demands that aid should be given only after the family is in crisis or other support groups have failed to meet a child’s minimal needs. However, over the years, there have been different focuses for the child welfare system, whether it involved addressing the issue of abandoned and orphaned children or the increased demand for child protection, resulting in the decrease of child welfare services (Lindsey, 2004). The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) mission states that “By 2015, DCFS will practice a uniform service delivery model that measurably improves: child safety; permanency; and access to effective and caring service” (Department of Children & Family Services, 2015). Furthermore, it seems that the focus of the child welfare system has evolved to only focus on the child, and not family-focused. The child welfare system should be revamped to serve the needs of a broad range of disadvantaged children and their families. However, this does not mean that child protection should be eliminated from the child welfare system, instead there needs to be a shift in focus to allow for a preventive approach to help disadvantaged families and possibly result in a decrease of child maltreatment cases. Within child welf...

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...address the underlying issues that disadvantaged families are dealing with, which may be playing a role in the child maltreatment occurring in the home, whether it is general neglect or child abuse. In conclusion, the child welfare system should be revamped to serve the needs of a broad range of disadvantaged families, aside from the focus of child protection. The police system could hold sold responsibility to investigate sever physical abuse and sexual assault referrals, allowing the child welfare system to focus on disadvantaged families. By focusing on the disadvantaged families and addressing their specific needs and providing them with the appropriate resources. Furthermore, a more preventive approach can result in less families coming into contact with the child welfare system, instead of having multi-generational contact with disadvantaged families.

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