Child Obesity and Television Essay

Child Obesity and Television Essay

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Television is a pastime activity in America but unfortunately it is unhealthy. More people watch television than ever before because there are more variety of TV programs now. According to the article, “ObesiTV: How television is influencing the obesity epidemic,” there are 99% household in America that owns at least one television but the average house have around three (Boulos). In fact, my households contains three television. In addition to these television in household, there are some children who have television in their room and most families have TV in their kitchen. Those families that do have TV in their kitchen, they are most likely to watch television during meals. After a long day of work, parents like to watch the news to update the latest news. For example, when my dad gets home, my family and I turn on the TV while we eat dinner because my dad likes to update on the latest news or sometimes my little sister and nephew wants to watch a new episodes. Watching television while eating meals has become a normal habit now.
One way television and technology influence the rate of childhood obesity is the eating habits. Children chooses their food based what they see on television. When children are watching television, they always constantly eating even though they actually may not hungry. Most of the time, when young people watch TV, they think they are hungry but in reality, they are not. There have been studies saying that “the food advertising has kind of an unconscious effect and just makes you want to eat more” (quoted in “Kids' TV time tied to unhealthy food choices”). When children are watching TV, their brain is focusing on the television so they are unaware of how much they are eating.
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