Essay on Chess: Humans vs Computers

Essay on Chess: Humans vs Computers

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Most people think that computers are smarter than their creators (human beings), whereas others believe differently. Some believe that by using the latest technology of multicore processors which are able to perform exponentially large calculations within a blink of eye, these computers of 21st century possess unparalleled processing power and are thus difficult to be outperformed in the highly thoughtful game of chess by mere humans. On the other hand, there are also some who still have utter faith in the unimaginable power of human brain. After giving me necessary directions for moving forward in my quest to find the limits of a human’s brain against that of the supercomputer’s CPU(the central processing unit), my high school’s chess teacher, and the one I interviewed few days ago, asked me to carry out research from various books written on that topic as well as from other published articles. The following are my studies:
The topics in the book, “Deep Blue: An Artificial Intelligence Milestone” by Monty Newborn and Monroe Newborn published in the year 2003 by Springer publication, features a comprehensive record of Deep Blue's Development. It gives us insight into the ups and downs of the deep Blue team on its way to finally defeating Gary Kasparov. It also includes appendices that completely record Deep Blue's matches. This book, a technological milestone, is not just a triumph, but a rare, pivotal watershed. The book offers a detailed account of IBM's Deep Blue chess program, the people who created it, and its historic battles with World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov. It establishes the point in history when mankind's exciting new tool, the computer, came of age and competed with its human creators in the ultimate intellectua...

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...moves. That a computer which relies largely on speedily checking the consequences of billions of possible moves could come so close to matching the human capabilities required to play the game at its highest level was a striking achievement for the team that designed, built, and programmed Deep Blue.
In conclusion, all of the three articles were very thoughtful and cleared many of my wrong assumptions about the power of thinking and imagination. This all research and synthesis I am doing is not fruitless. I now truly found that this is the correct path I am walking on. And soon enough I will find out my answer. At last, I hope my above mentioned findings and research will help me get rid of my ever-increasing enthusiasm and never-ending curiosity to find the better mastermind among the super grandmaster and its creator and thus finally end this little quest of mine.

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