Essay about The Chemistry of Love in Modern America

Essay about The Chemistry of Love in Modern America

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The Wonderful World of Disney is magical land full of fun, happiness, friendships, and love. Children from a young age are captivated by the colorful art, whacky characters, and funny moments found in the classic cartoon films. The children may walk away from the movie feeling happy, but their minds have been contaminated with ideas far beyond their understanding; ideas specially pertaining to love. From such a young age, children are used the idea of ideal love, love at first site, and eternal love from Cinderella, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, and many others. In many of the love relationships found between the characters in these stories, there is a defining moment where something “clicks” and then there is love; this is the image that portrayed to children. There is assumed to be some sort of “chemistry” between the characters. However, in the real life does that “chemistry” really exist and is it that connection that causes love? Perhaps love does require an instantaneous bond as seen in Disney movies and described by “Love in the Time of No Time” by Jennifer Egan, or perhaps love requires work, commitment, and dedication as is described by Laura Kipnis in “Against Love.” Both Kipnis and Egan address the assumption that “chemistry” equals love; Kipnis believes that this is a false claim while Egan uses online dating to portray the truth of the assumption. Conceivably, love has a scientific basis that can be explained through science with the aid of “The Brain in Love” by Benedict Carey. All three viewpoints provide valuable clues to the meaning of romance in modern America.

Everything is so much faster in today’s society; love is even expected to occur quickly. Online dating sites promise quick matches and hook...

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...find the perfect match and lure in potential customers by advertising the number of members they have, leading potential customers to think they have a better chance of finding the perfect mate.

“Chemistry” is a fickle idea used by couples to determine their compatibility and their attraction for each other. American culture thrives on the idea of true love and it has an insatiable appetite to find it. Love in America is everywhere and everyone is trying to find the perfect match with “chemistry” existing between the partners. It is difficult to say whether the “chemistry” of true love actually exists or if it exists at the start of relationships and slowly fades as relationships extend, shifting from Egan’s point of view to Kipnis’ with the scientific evidence provided by Carey; however, it is clear that the ideal of love is inescapable in modern America.

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