Chemistry And Science As A Chemical Engineer Essay

Chemistry And Science As A Chemical Engineer Essay

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Being a Chemical Engineer you should have an interest and a great skill in math and science as well as good analyzing skills. Those who would like to be such the person should be able to work as part of a team and also be able to communicate their ideas throughout the team as well. Chemical engineers must be innovative and original and enjoy the challenge of mastering new areas of their field, also be open to take direction under others.
A chemical engineer works with the production of chemicals as well as other products that require chemical processing. Which build on the findings of research chemists, who work with small amounts of materials in laboratories. Concerned with the design, construction, operation, and marketing of equipment that can reproduce on a large scale the processes or products developed by chemists, they work with industrial chemical processes to help produce a large variety of goods. A chemical engineer may also work in many types of industries, primarily though ones that produce chemicals, petroleum, and electronic products.
Chemicals are used in the processing and treatment of many of the foods we eat, much of the water we drink, and many of the clothes we wear. It is the chemical engineer that develops the processes and designs the factories that make is possible to bring these everyday products to the consumers. The engineer solves the problems that may occur in the manufacturing of products. At certain points during their work the chemical engineer consults with a chemist. It is the chemical engineer that does the experiments and calculates such things as the temperature and pressure to be expected during an industrial process. But they as well help to design buildings and plan what machinery may be n...

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...ty and career flexibility.

Research is another important career area. Industrial chemistry is a major capital-intensive area of investment. Government, industrial and academic research combines to produce new science. Chemical engineers may work as researchers or consultants in this field on a contract basis.
In conclusion, a chemical engineer must be well educated in the fields of science, especially chemistry, and math. They should have the ability to think quickly on their feet and come up with new and innovated ideas and ways of solving problems. A chemical engineer 's knowledge of basic physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering gives them the perfect combination to solve a variety of problems in a variety of ways. Chemical engineering is something that most can honestly be proud to call a future major others enjoy thinking, talking and learning about it.

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