My Career In Chemistry

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Chemistry is the most fascinating science to me. Chemistry applies to all things in the universe; living or non-living. Everything is made of elements which are made up of atoms of a certain atomic number. Thereafter I took AP Chemistry, I knew I had to choose a career in the field of chemistry. I understand and enjoy learning about chemistry. Chemistry is important, interesting, and ever expanding. Therefore, I must pursue a career in Chemistry.
Having a degree in chemistry opens the door to a wide array of careers. These jobs include chemical engineer, analytical chemist, and pharmacologist. The job that has me most interested is a Chemical Engineer. These top of the line engineers turn raw materials into useful products. They can make petrochemicals,
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I was fortunate enough to take Advanced Placement Chemistry. During my time in this class, I learned a great deal about this expansive subject. Though very hard and challenging, this class was very rewarding. My High School does not offer many classes that involve critical thinking on a college level. Throughout the course, I realized how extremely interesting chemistry really was. I learned in depth electron transport, equilibrium constants, and thermodynamics. Learning how complex some simple everyday occurrences are was fascinating. The burning of a candle may seem simple from the view of a naked eye. On a chemical stand point, it is complex as a rocket taking off. Everybody knows that if you run an electrical current through water, you will be electrocuted. However, this is only due to the electrolytes dissolved in the water providing a road of positive and negative charges for the current to flow. Pure water does not allow for the flow of a current because there are no electrolytes. To me, learning on such a small scale is more enjoyable than learning on a regular or large scale. The small scale of chemistry affects everything on the regular and large scale. The importance of chemistry is what makes it so
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