Chemical Structure Of Aromatic Compounds Essay

Chemical Structure Of Aromatic Compounds Essay

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Think about these substances: mothballs and cinnamon. Both of these have a strong and unique smell. This is because these substances are made of aromatic compounds. In this lesson, we will learn all about aromatic compounds.

!!!Aromatic Compounds

Let’s think of substances that have are fragrant or have distinct odor like perfume, vanilla and cinnamon. All these substances are known to have a distinct smell and are fragrant, or we can say aromatic. The smell is because these substances are made of aromatic compounds.

Perfume Vanilla Extract Cinnamon
These Substances are Made of Aromatic Compounds

__Aromatic compounds__ are substances that consist of one or more rings in its chemical structure that contain alternating single and double bonds. For instance, benzene is an aromatic compound. The chemical structure of benzene, as illustrated below, contains a hexagon ring with alternating double bonds. Here, there are two ways to draw benzene. Structure 1 shows all the carbon (C) and hydrogen (H) atoms bonded together, and structure 2 shows a hexagon with alternating double bonds. In structure 2, the edges of the hexagon are the carbon atoms, and the hydrogen atoms are not shown.


Chemical Structure of Aromatic Compound: Benzene

Below are other examples of aromatic compounds, toluene and naphthalene. Here, we can see that they contain rings with alternating single and double bonds in their chemical structure.

Toluene Naphthalene
Examples of Aromatic Compounds

In the ring, the electrons are delocalized. When we say ‘’delocalized electrons’’, it means that these electrons are not attached on a fixed atom. The electrons are spread out over the ring, and they can also be described as “floatin...

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information about aromatic compounds 's_rule
huckel’s rule
aromatic compounds reference
pi bond reference
counting pi bonds reference
annulene picture
pyridine picture
naphthalene picture
benzoic acid picture
cyclobutadiene structure

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