The Cheerleading Team, Distributive Educational Clubs Of American ( Deca ) And The School Newspaper Team

The Cheerleading Team, Distributive Educational Clubs Of American ( Deca ) And The School Newspaper Team

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I joined the cheerleading team, Distributive Educational Clubs of American (DECA) and the school newspaper team. I engaged in extra-curricular activities. However, I did not have a sense of belonging. My experiences with my friend’s families at my new school was different than before. I recall visiting the home of one of my Caucasian friends and seeing black face portraits and figures in their kitchen. I was uncomfortable and questioned their authentic acceptance of my ethnicity and culture. I was the only African American on the cheerleading team and I remember being asked questions about African American culture, hair, and stereo types. I never felt truly comfortable and accepted when engaging in relationships with other cultures at my new school. This experience led to my choice of attending a historically black university, Howard University. I wanted to engage in relationships with others who understood and respected my culture. I desired to be around others who looked like me and did not question my cultural norms.
While at Howard University, I began to understand how my childhood had a vast impact on my views, standards, and morals. I began dating a male and strayed from conflict and arguments. Yelling, screaming, and the use of explicit language were all triggers to childhood memories that ignited fear, harm, and terror . I strayed away from engaging in conflicts and arguments. It was important for me to engage in healthy relationships void of verbal or physical abuse. I did not accept verbal taunting or name calling in intimate relationships. During my time at Howard University, I realized I had repressed memories of my past. During a conversation with my sister, we were engaging in communication about ...

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...edged that I am capable of achieving academic success through dedication and hard work. My first responsibility is to ensure my family follows Christians principles. Secondly, it is a primary focus for me to impart a positive, safe, and loving environment for my children. I want them to understand the importance of healthy conflict, and positive family interactions. Thirdly, I understand the importance of contributing to society and in a positive and productive manner. These lessons all derived from the early teachings of my parents. Parents must understand the value of their behaviors and actions when raising impressionable children. It is unknown how an action or behavior from an influential parent my influence a child. I am grateful that my early experiences led me to a life of Christian principles and understanding of the effects of parental behaviors.

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