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Cheating to Success Essay

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Today the world is much more connected by technology than ever before. Access to limitless information is all but a search away. Information ranging from how to cook a meal to the text of the declaration of independence with detailed annotations. Today the possibilities are limitless. Not only is it available in the household on the “old fashioned” home PC, but now due to smart phones access to information is anywhere and anytime. Is that ease of access affecting the learning process of today’s youth? Could students not be learning the material and simply just be doing a web search for it. Why bother and learn the material, when it can just be looked up whenever it is wanted. The current generation is both benefiting and loosing from the era of technology. On one hand they have instant access to most of humanities known subjects, on the other there is much less reason to learn. Students have always cheated now they are just using different methods. In a day and age dominated by technology future generations are suffering to learn efficiently because of how simple it is to cheat. College diplomas are becoming less and less valuable, as non-deserving students are allotted diplomas.
The education system has gone under many fundamental changes in just the last fifteen years. Technological advances have caused schools to go digital, as it is more practical, and easier to access. As Crawford Kilian states, “Welcome, class of 2014. You're about to enter post-secondary armed with your smartphone and laptop, and every campus is now wireless.” In a system were grading, homework, and tests have slowly made their way onto the digital spectrum students have begun to take advantage of the advances. If a test is online, than there is nothing ...

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