The Chaser, By Christine De Pizan Essay

The Chaser, By Christine De Pizan Essay

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Why is feminism a big topic now than compared from decades ago? Back in the 15th century, a woman named Christine de Pizan encouraged female scholars to stand for their rights as a woman. However, countless tales were made to suit the theme of "damsel in distress", where the prince would save a princess and live happily ever after. The idea that women always has to save the came about back when the men had to provide for the family while the women had to stay back and look out for the house and their kid(s). But now in this current generation that idea of "damsel in distress" is dying. The story "The Chaser" connects to feminism because women can think for themselves, fight for what they believe in, and lastly women now have a voice.

First of all, women in this generation can now think for themselves without anyone telling them what to do. Women can choose what work they want to work in. They can choose from construction, military, engineer, etc.., in this generation women has a say on what happens in the household unlike back in the old days. Also, women can choose how they want the relationship to be like. In the story The Chaser, it stated that "...she will change altogether. She will want nothing but solitude and you" (Collier, P24). This means that men are making the women think otherwise making her blind of the things that the women would want to do. As a woman, my perspective of this story is not what most women nowadays like. One, the idea of having somebody tell you, or do what they want you to be as (pretending someone you are not) is not very flattering because our will to be who we want to be is robbed from us. Second, the relationship will end faster because the more that you are pretending who you are not, then ...

... middle of paper ... to be. Just because that is how that past is, that does not mean that the future cannot change. The past will always stay as the past, but the future can change to how the actions, you caused can either affect you or other people around you.

Women does not need to rely on men because they can do things for themselves and not always relying to the men to do the job. Women can fight for what they believe in, no matter if it is a big or small argument, women will not back down just because she is a woman. And lastly, women can change the opinion of others, sure women always pays attention to others opinion but sometimes those opinion does not really matter. What really matters is how one carry themselves as. No one in this generation can dictate what one must do, it is themselves that must change what is needed to be changed about them, or how they view something.

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