Essay on The Chart Points Out The Named Storms, Hurricanes And Major Hurricanes

Essay on The Chart Points Out The Named Storms, Hurricanes And Major Hurricanes

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The chart points out the named storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes. It is clear to state that major hurricanes, in purple, during the 1850’s and well into the 1920’s were less than the number of major hurricanes in 2005, which was greater than five. Katrina, Dennis, Wilma and Rita were a few of those in 2005 (National Hurricane Center, 2016). These storms, as many might know, were some of the strongest hurricanes to hit land.
The concept behind this information is to guide the reader’s considerations towards the fact that warmer weather condition have something to do with the strength these hurricanes are gaining. If these facts do not get ones attention, let this project focus on the damages these hurricanes cause to the United States and its citizens, perhaps an economical view on this topic will allow one to take action towards finding the truth behind weather anomalies. The financial costs from the damage caused by these storms hit not only the U. S., but global economics.
Global Economics. It is clear that damages by hurricanes, such as Katrina and Rita go beyond hurting local economies. As a matter of fact, these disasters damage the economy because the towns affected by these events must rebuild and start from the bottom. For such notion, there must be a set plan of response. For many circumstances this means having insurance coverage for such damages or to start from the bottom. “Insurance payouts for Katrina alone, were expected to be the most for any hurricane cleanup in history, estimating from $20 billion to $45 billion, with the federal government spending as much as $100 billion”, these were early reports by business groups (Milken Institute, 2005). Other reports involved the relation these storms have on other...

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...s. Hurricanes and other storm patterns can grow from conditions brought by such formations. These disorders can disturb normal weather patterns, which go in hand with the power a hurricane will gain, causing overwhelming consequences when dealing with hurricanes.
The outcomes of warmer climates are many, this deserves ones consideration. The purpose of learning about hurricanes is not only about discovering its direct effects, but to teach society that further action must be contemplated. These actions must involve movements towards dealing with the issue causing these dramatic climate changes, and not just dealing with respond efforts. The time will come when respond attempts will no longer be the answer, and that time must be now. Weather abnormalities are here, there is no reason why one must not take the needed steps to aid this critical situation.

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