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Hurricane Sandy
October 29th 2012 the high wind destroyer struck the heart of New York. They called her sandy; she was a very devastating hurricane. She demolished more than 300,000 homes and left them homeless, and confirmed 285 deaths. Imagine big strong winds whistling around your home, no power, and a big river down your street with cars bobbing down it, scary, isn’t it. These are some of the tragic events that happened during hurricane sandy. What is a hurricane? The proper definition is, when a series of cold gusty winds mix with the warm humid air. It’s just like a tornado but it forms over water.

Causes of a hurricane
A hurricane is a low pressure area that forms over a warm ocean in the early summer and in the early fall and. the two biggest factors of causes of a hurricane is water and moist air because the water surface rises and then gets mixed with cooler air to condense and form storm clouds. When a hurricane starts in the Atlantic it starts when a thunderstorm off the west coast of Africa drifts up towards the Atlantic. A minimum distance of at least 500km, from the equator, is needed because it is too humid near the equator for a hurricane to start.so that’s why hurricanes form above the equator it where it’s cooler. Wherever the hurricane forms (on the water) it needs to be at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit (the water), that’s how you get water vapor which, because the water is warm, which powers the hurricane (the water vapor releases latent heat of condensation to power the hurricane).the water vapor acts like a fuel source. Strong winds also play a big role in causing a hurricane because it helps bring up more water vapor. These winds also spiral inwards so the hurricane canes get its spiraling motion. Th...

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... people trying to stock up for the storm. Since people did this, some people with not much money had to scavenge for food because when they got to the super markets they, had no food. Some long terms effects of sandy were; people’s homes were destroyed, just imagine if your house was destroyed in the middle of a hurricane and you had no shelter, you would have wind blowing in your face and have rain dripping down your face. It would be traumatic and very miserable. 3.5 billion Isn’t that a lot? That’s how costly it was to clean up sandy. Further on, this impacted New York, because 3.5 billion is a lot of money, perhaps they could have been more prepared for sandy. If they didn’t spend so much they could have put this money to better use like; fixing highways, they clean up the city, better transits, donate some of the money, and build nice parks that are safe.

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