Comparisons between Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina

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Comparisons between Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina Hurricanes are formed over tropical waters. These intense storms consist of winds over 74 miles per hour (Ahrens & Sampson, 2011). The storms addressed here are Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. This paper will explore the contrasts and comparisons between these two horrific storms. Year of Occurrence Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina occurred in the year 2005; it made landfall on the morning of August 29th. However, the origins of this storm began as early as August 24, 2005. In the course of those six days, Hurricane Katrina varied in location and intensity before making final landfall on the southeast portion of the United States (Ahrens & Sampson, 2011). Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy occurred in the year 2012. The formation of this storm began as early as October 11, 2012. It traveled through different areas of the southwestern Caribbean, and eventually created devastation to the eastern coast of the United States of America on October 29, 2012 (Blake, Kimberlain, Berg, Cangialosi & Beven II, 2013) (Manuel, 2013). Region of Hurricane Genesis, Location of Landfall, Saffir-Simpson’s Scale and Tracking Hurricane Katrina Tropical waters serve as the perfect breeding and growing place for a hurricane. Storms, such as Katrina, are able to develop because of the availability of water vapor over tropical oceans. This creates the ideal environment for the growth of a hurricane (Ahrens & Sampson, 2011). Hurricane Katrina began its formation above the tropical oceans of the Bahamas. As it traveled to Florida, Katrina became classified as a tropical storm, and then a category one hurricane. With its southwestern path, Hurricane Katrina raged to the east portion of... ... middle of paper ... ...nvironmental history (Vol. 2, p. 390). New York, NY: Facts on File, Inc. McCallum, B. E., Wicklein, S. M., Reiser, R. G., Busciolano, R., Morrison, J. L., Verdi, R. J., Painter, J. A., & Frantz, E. R. (2012). Monitoring storm tide and flooding from hurricane sandy along the atlantic coast of the united states. Geological Survey Open-File Report, (2013–1043), 42. Manuel, J. H. (2013). The long road to recovery. Environmental Health Perspectives, 121(5), 152-159. U.S. Senate, Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. (2009). Two years after the storm: Housing needs in the gulf coast (110-930). Washington, D.C.: Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. U.S. Senate, Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. (2013). Oversight of the property and casualty insurance industry (110-1194). Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office.
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